The act of writing and the act of weaving connect us with our inner wisdom by allowing us to use both our left-brain language processes and our right brain symbolic resonance.  

As we engage our whole selves in self-reflection . . .

 . . .  we discover a new understanding of the choices we have made, the connections we have fostered, and the obstacles that we have overcome.   

Order or Make Your Loom Kit

Before you can start putting together your hand held loom and get to weaving you'll need to have the necessary materials.  You can order loom kits through our online store, or even gather the components on your own.

Step 1.

Setting Up Your Loom -  

Learn how to create your portable weaving loom. It’s simple and quick. 

Step 2.

Weaving Your Story Cloth -  

Next you will learn everything you need to know to weave your story cloth using your portable hand held loom, from getting started to changing yarns

Step 3.

Finishing and Embellishing -  

This last short video will give you some helpful tips for completing your weaving project. 

Embellishment Note:

Make sure any embellishments are 

WELL ATTACHED to your weaving!

The goal it to have the project travel to many different cites, states, and countries. In order to do this each panel is wrapped up for transport, arranged, and wrapped up again. Any attachments that aren't well pinned, sewn, wired, or woven on are likely to fall off.  

. . . Next Step . . .

Ready to send in your finished weaving?

Get all the info you need to send in your story cloth to have it added to the tapestry. Don't forget to give us your name and email on your printed out "woven story cloth contact sheet" that you mail in with your weaving.