The words  “text” and “textile” share the same Latin root -texere – meaning to weave. 

When you write out the significant events of your life, . . .

 . . . you begin to weave your unique story. Then, actually weaving a piece of cloth to represent that story, and stitching it into the final tapestry celebrates both your uniqueness and the connection we have as women all over the globe.   

How do we find our powerful voice so we can express our unique gifts to give the world?

Participating in Woven Voices is a journey that starts with self-reflection and writing, and transforms into a woven tapestry, a visual storyboard of women’s lives from around the globe. The 3 elements of the Women's Woven Voices project work together as tools to access, claim, and celebrate our power as individuals and together as a global community of women.   

Reflect -

You are being asked to recall the many threads of experience that have made up your life until now. When you reflect on the situations, circumstances, environments, and people that have shaped you as a woman, you have the opportunity to view your life story with a new perspective, make new connections, and hatch new insights into your unique strengths.

You are encouraged to embrace this project with a heart full of compassion and curiosity, allowing your inner spirit to guide you.

Only you can decide what you want to include. This is a chance to recall achievements, relationships, journeys, economic status, experiences related to heath - anything that you feel has been a significant part of your life story.

Here is a guided meditation to help you to align with your inner guides. 

Get comfy and download the file below to listen to when you are ready. . . 

Write It Out -

Writing out your reflections allows you to process experiences that you found challenging, bringing a new understanding to the role that they played in your life. You also get to celebrate and revisit your joy, love, excitement and personal growth.

You may awaken a range of emotions so be aware that this is an expected element and allow yourself to move through each feeling as it comes.

Nurture yourself with a comfortable setting and allow a window of time to write.

Writing Prompts -

If your not sure where to begin you can download and print these writing prompts, to serve as a starting point to begin your journey of reflection, writing and weaving. 

. . . Next Step . . .

Share Your Story -

If you are comfortable, you can submit your written story through our online form on the SHARE page and contribute your journey to be shared with others.