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Sharing is Freedom
Weave your story and share with others. Liberate your soul.


Gather your kindred spirits, circle your tribe, collect your community and create a time and space to share your woven voices. Sharing your story is the third powerful element of the Women’s Woven Voices project.

When we share our life experiences, the lessons we have learned, our success and messes, our brilliance and our shadows, we open up a gateway to personal growth and invite a deeper connection with our feminine family. There’s power in that connection that can fuel amazing transformations for us as individuals and for the communities we are a part of.

Here are some guidelines for sharing:

Create an atmosphere of trust by asking each person to speak from the heart and to LISTEN from the heart.  No judgment, criticism, or advice is to be given during sharing. Be brave! Tell your truth. Ask for confidentiality to be respected. Let your light shine!

As a participant in Women’s Woven Voices, your story has become a unique woven work of art that will be shared as it becomes a part of the final global tapestry.


If you haven’t done so already, submit your written story to be included in the exhibition.

Submit Your Story


Get Form to Send With Story Cloth

Mail your woven story cloth to:

Brecia Kralovic-Logan
4164 Mount Hukee Ave
San Diego, Ca 92117

The Women’s Woven Voices tapestry will become a collective song, a visual affirmation, a colorful call to awareness of the strength, beauty, and courageous, compassionate power of the women of the world.

We’ve created a page to share on your Facebook and any and all social media you’re connected in!

You can also hit the email button and email to your friends to get them excited to join you.

Click the button below to start the conversation.

Please Share This


Share share share!

Along with sharing your individual story, it would be wonderful if you also shared this project. Share this project with the women at your church, synagogue, house of worship, High school, university, art guild, book club, community center, homeless shelter, YWCA, networking group, drum circle, garden group, senior center, and any group of women who might want to be included in this artistic expression and global wave of feminine empowerment.


You’ve heard the call and this art project resonates with you- what’s next?

  • You can participate as an individual by ordering a loom kit or make your own.
  • Everything you need to know to set up your loom, weave and finish your story cloth is in the videos.  Watch the Videos
  • We’ve included lots of great information for you on the Project page.
  • When you have completed your and woven story cloth, mail it to Brecia and submit your online form.
  • Then stay connected on Facebook to watch the Women’s Woven Voices tapestry evolve. You are now a part of this empowering international community of women.

You can order your loom kit here.

 It’s Free!  We just ask for you to pay a shipping fee to cover our costs.

Yay!  Your story cloth is woven and complete!  Please mail to:

Women’s Woven Voices
4164 Mount Hukee Avenue
San Diego, Ca 92117  USA

Be sure to fill in the online submission form.

The Women’s Woven Voices project may be the perfect program for your next group meeting, retreat, conference or informal gathering.

Contact Brecia to set up a workshop.

Please share this project with the various women’s groups that you belong to. It’s a great way to create a deeper connection and it’s fun.  You can also gather a group of women with whom you want to share the experience: Family, friends, sorority sisters, coworkers, colleagues, neighbors, church members.

Order your loom kits and set a time to circle up. The how-to videos will walk you through the set-up of the loom, the weaving and the finishing.  Download the writing prompts for each member of the group.  Allow time for self-reflection and writing. Weaving together in community can be very fun and sets the mood for sharing. Create a circle of confidentiality, trust, acceptance, and non-judgement and commit to open active listening from the heart. Share with the group or in pairs. Acknowledge the courage and strength of each woman present. Celebrate the joys and accomplishments.

When you have completed your woven story cloths, mail it in to Brecia to be added to the global tapestry. If you mail the group of weaving together, they will be stitched together in the tapestry.

Have each person fill in the online submission form.

Share the project with women in your community.

The Women’s Woven Voices tapestry is made up of the story cloths of women from around the world. Woven into those stories are the men in each woman’s life.

Together we can foster a culture of self-knowledge and sharing that builds courage and fosters a sense of power in women everywhere to contribute to their communities in positive ways.

You can actively listen and allow women to tell the story of their lives, as a catalyst for change, particularly by opening up discussions about issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse in a safe and supportive way.

You can promote resilience, compassion, open communication, healing and peace in individuals and communities.

Please visit the Resource page.

You can add your financial support by donating.

You’ve written and woven your story cloth, shared your story and become a part of the international art project Women’s Woven Voices. We urge you to consider this a beginning. Circle back to the Mission of the project and recognize that by sharing your story you have become a catalyst for change and contribution.

You are now part of a community that promotes resilience, compassion, open communication, healing, and peace.

Let your light shine! Take positive action. Look around your community and find ways to make a positive difference. Continue to connect with other women to support each other. Join groups, organizations, and movements that foster equality, respect and kindness towards all.

Share your journey on the WWV facebook page.

Share the project with women everywhere.

Contact Brecia if you have would like to exhibit the WWV tapestry at your conference, international venue, Women’s summit etc.

Donate to cover the costs of exhibiting the project.

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