Women's Woven Voices Launches

PRESS RELEASE: Women’s Woven Voices Project Launches


Women’s Woven Voices, an international art project that promotes women’s empowerment through writing, weaving, and sharing will launch during the Southwest Conference Against Trafficking. The project was conceived by artist Brecia Kralovic-Logan after she produced the International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, Washington. Inspired by the stories told by the speakers during the conference, Kralovic-Logan decided to focus her energy on creating art that calls attention to women’s stories from around the globe and promotes awareness of the challenges that women face including domestic violence and sexual abuse.

The project invites women to write their life experiences, weave a story cloth and then share their story with others. Kralovic-Logan stitches the weaving together into a tapestry and adds a red fringe. The tapestry is scheduled to be exhibited at the International Women’s Festival in Vancouver, Wa in March of 2018.

For more information on Women’s Woven Voices:
Brecia Kralovic-Logan