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There is something so elemental about weaving a piece of cloth. It’s archetypal. It connects us with our ancestors and with many different cultures around the world. It reminds us of our human resourcefulness and resilience. It connects our hearts with our hands.


Who We Are

Women’s Woven Voices is an international collaborative art project that promotes the empowerment of women through writing, weaving and sharing.

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The Process


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Gather Your Tribe

We find that groups tend to get even more from the experience in terms of bonding the group tighter and the ability to go even deeper due to more support.

How to Gather

Spread the Word

Press and anyone helping to spread the news! Help us imagine our vision and get 1,000 women to weave their story!

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Art Unfolding

Imagine a collaborative weaving representing women’s lives from around the world, acting as a catalyst for global change, resolution and peace. We’d like 1,000 women to contribute, that would make the tapestry than 167 feet long!

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It’s SO beautiful! I love the softness of a woman’s heart in the weavings yet the red ties make a statement we are all touched by.


I am a visual person so seeing the woven stories really makes an impact on me. I am happy to be a part of this meaningful art project.