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Loom Kits

Yes I want my FREE loom kit so I can be one of the 1,000 women who contribute my woven story cloth to this collaborative tapestry.

We encourage you to gather your circle of friends and then order a set of kits for the whole group.

Your only cost is for the shipping fees to cover our cost of mailing out your kits.

Shipping costs in the USA

  • 1-4 kits = $5
  • 5-20 kits = $15
  • 20+ kits = $25

Shipping outside of the USA

Complete the 2 steps below

Step 1

Fill out and submit this form:

Step 2

Pay for shipping costs using the links below:


1-4 Kits: Pay $5 shipping fee here


5-15 Kits: Pay $15 shipping fee here


20+ Kits: Pay $25 shipping fee here

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