Look what I’m doing!

Look what I’m doing!

How do we find our powerful voice so we can express our unique gifts to give the world?

I’m participating in Women’s Woven Voices. It’s a journey that starts with self-reflection and writing, and transforms into a woven tapestry, a visual storyboard of women’s lives from around the globe. The 3 elements of the Woven Voices project work together as tools to access, claim, and celebrate our power as individuals and together as a global community of women.

Sharing my story allows my voice to be heard, connects me with my inner resources, and cultivates courage to create change. We’re looking to have 1,000 women by 2020 send in their woven stories for an exhibition to be displayed in an art gallery.

See Finish Project Unfold

Wanna do it?

Gather your kindred spirits, circle your tribe, collect your community and create a time and space to share your woven voices. Sharing your story is the third powerful element of the Women’s Woven Voices project.

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